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October 17, 2018 06:52:41 PM CST | Berklee Alum | Member Boston: Live Music, Music-Technology & Wedding Professionals User Groups

Brad is a Berklee graduate with guitar as his primary instrument. Brad also studied classical guitar @ UMass Lowell (MA) & guitar @ The Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA. Having played guitar for more than 4 decades, performing solo classical or jazz guitar arrangements, whether finger style or with a pick is somewhat 2nd nature to Brad... but always 1st rate for your special event.

Brad performs on two carbon graphite acoustic electric guitars - a 2011 Rainsong OM-1000 steel string called Fin and a 2016 Rainsong NP12 Parlor nylon string called Eve. These types of guitars are impervious to weather conditions such as temperature & humidity variations so outdoor weddings are a non issue in regards to being in tune. Of course, contingency plans should always be in place for any outdoor wedding in the event of inclement weather as noted below. Brad also performs on a '69 Gibson Les Paul called Rosey, an acoustic electric Ovation ukulele, a Paul Reed Smith called Wing.

Extra fees would be applicable for destination weddings such as Disney's FairyTale Weddings in Orlando, FL.

Brad Lee Guitarist Vocalist
Brad Lee Guitarist Vocalist
Brad Lee Guitarist Vocalist

The ISLAND (music quartet) - LIVE popular beach party MUSIC

From The Star-Spangled Banner to Jimmy Buffett... living life like a song, one tune at a time.

When it has to be perfect... and memorable... consider Brad Lee. You'll be glad you did.